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Print & Frame | Pine
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from $54.99

White Duo Collage Frame
(2) 4″ x 6″
$37.99 $26.59

NEW! Document Frame
3 additional styles

Wondering if we can frame “that”?

Chances are you’re not the first one to ask. Browse our most frequently asked questions, and you might find what you’re looking for. Or ask your own question!

If you love it, we can frame it! (no pets or significant others, please) Simple posters and prints, valuable works of art on paper or canvas, cherished documents, favorite photos, family heirlooms, 3D objects, mirrors–our skilled professionals will help design the right custom frame or display solution for… whatever you love. We offer obligation-free designs and quotes in our stores, so come see us! To get started now, visit our custom frame page.

Good things come to those who wait, right? Just kidding. We strive to have your framing back to you as fast as we possibly can (for both a custom or a readymade product); but it really just depends on what you’re framing and the extent of the craftsmanship. To give you a better idea, see below:

Custom Picture Framing takes from 7-14 days, with most orders falling closer to the 7-day mark. In the event that you have procrastinated, we can always rush an order in 2-3 days. Some of our stores even offer Same-Day Custom Framing with in-stock materials.

Readymade Picture Framing can take from 45 minutes to 24 hours. We offer a wide selection of readymade frames that can be customized with the glass, mats, and backing of your choice. We offer while-you-wait-assembly, which is subject to the busyness of our stores and availability of our staff. We also offer grab-and-go readymade frames that can be purchased in-store and online and fit with your art at home.

Yes, and we can’t wait! Our creative designs, honest advice, and personalized service is always FREE. We’re here to to make your framing journey effortless and enjoyable–from helping you choose the perfect mat and frame combination to planning out the final presentation on your wall if you’d like. Come see us, or schedule an art pick up. We’ll start by asking about your personal style, and where the piece will hang with relation to furniture and lighting. Ready to do this? Get your custom frame started now.

Don’t hesitate to tell us about your project’s timeline and budget. We’re straightforward with our abilities and our pricing, and we’re ready to make your world a more beautiful place!

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Hall of Frames spotted in the Desert. Have you seen one our trucks in the Valley? ⁠
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You got this!
Dog Mom (noun)⁠
1. Someone who works hard so her dog can have a good life. ⁠
Happy National Dog Mom's Day!⁠
Stop by a store today to design a custom frame of your fur baby.
Dear @romamoulding Lavo Ornate, ⁠
Didn't know how lost I was until I found you. ⁠
Love, ⁠
Hall of Frames
Hey Van Halen Custom Frame...⁠
You really got me now⁠
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'⁠
Yeah, you really got me now⁠
You got me so I can't sleep at night⁠
What jersey are you wearing tonight? Let's go Suns. ⁠
In a world full of flowers, be a cactus. 🌵⁠
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Who's ready for round 2 tonight?! Let's go Suns!⁠
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And it was all yellow...⁠
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New week. New opportunities. Time to shoot your shot!⁠
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Limited closet space? No problem. Hang your leather jacket on the wall! ⁠
Need to preserve the front and back? We've got you covered. Well, uncovered to be exact.
When you can't go camping...⁠
Frame the desert sky in your home. ⛺️
Did we mention we can frame oversized art? 😎⁠ And deliver and install it, too. ⁠
When you want to be able to take your treasures out of the frame...⁠
Create a custom display box at Hall of Frames! ⁠
Featuring: ⁠
Custom Shadow Box⁠
Glass Frame Door with Hinges and Magnets⁠
Custom Acrylic Holders for the Items
Celebrating 47 years of Framing in the Valley! ⁠Thank you for framing with us. ❤️⁠
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Just poppin up to say, hello. 👋⁠
Tip: Choose art that makes you happy. That is the real secret to a beautiful home!
We think this custom shadowbox is a real hole-in-one! ⛳️ ⁠
ps. We won't judge your score card. 😉
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Made in AZ
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